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Type | Private Residential
Location | Chiangrai, Thailand
Used Area | 440 sq.m.

Architect-Interior Designer-Landscape Architect | Plang Guy Co., Ltd.


Contractor | Phanpongthai Construction
Photography | DOF SkyGround



HAUS 18 is a private residence in Chiangrai, designed for a family who wants to break away from living in a confined space of shophouse but still wants a harmonious merge between the workspace and living space. The design of HAUS 18 intends to create sense of coziness, play with levels of privacy and provide the ultimate comfort of tropical living. 


The layout of the house is arranged in T-shape so all rooms have at least two sides which are in-touch with the outdoor greenery and fully taking-in natural light. The extrusion of blocks creates semi-outdoor veranda which acts as a transition between inside and outside, making the house more opened and relaxed. Using post tension structure, the span can be longer which results in a sleek aesthetic, a column-free space for the multi-usage of space and the ultimate air flow. 


(Levels of privacy)
The site is rectangular with the house situating towards the back of the site. This way the front area becomes the buffer for sound and pollution from the street, giving the house some peace and privacy. Because the client usually have visitors coming over, the semi-public functions like working room or dining area are located on the first floor. The second floor are space for bedrooms and family room to ensure the owner’s privacy. 


(Tropical Living)

Rooms with most time spent are located on the South, the most heated side of the house. To deal with this tropical nature, the design includes cantilevering roof for the shade. There is also a void, sandwiched between the roof and ceiling, with the grill openings for cross ventilation to constantly remove the heat from the house. 

Apart from that, the double wood panel or the second skin also helps to block the sunlight while still allowing the breeze through, cooling the house. Owner can slide the door to the desired spots throughout the day. This facade movement gives life to the surrounding while creating the beauty play of light and shadow to the interior inhabitant.

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